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Janette Murphy SSJ

Pastoral Care Worker

JPC Staff

Janette Murphy SSJ

Sr. Janette Murphy is a Sister of Saint Joseph and has a long association with JPC.  She has worked here previously, from 1996-2010, in Pastoral Care and Chaplain roles.  Janette was very pleased to return to her work with the Deaf Community, and is also a qualified Auslan interpreter.

Janette travelled to Canada where she studied Canon Law.  Whilst studying in Ottawa she attended the parish Church of the Canadian Martyrs, one of whom was a Deaf man!  The “Rene Goupil Deaf Community” met at the Church every two weeks, and was named after the Deaf Canadian Martyr.  Janette attended the signed Mass regularly, but due to two broken wrists she never managed to learn any Canadian Sign Language!  However, the Deaf Community welcomed this Aussie, and during Mass would use the Auslan sign of peace!

Janette was born and raised in Tasmania, and has been in Melbourne for 30 years.  She has also worked with youth and in Aged Care.

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