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Diane Backholer

Community Activities Coordinator

JPC Staff

Diane Backholer

Diane Backholer is an Activity Coordinator for the Deaf Arts and Crafts Group and Ladies’ Get Together Group.

She went to a deaf boarding school at Portsea for over 9 years and have grown up with the Deaf Community. Diane and Mark met through an oral deaf group ‘Earforce’ in 1972 and have been married for 43 years. Their three adult kids have grown up with Earforce.

Diane’s passion is the Deaf Arts and Crafts Group and is the only original member since the group started 11 years ago. She is constantly amazed to see the creative members’ craft work.

Diane have been a member of JPC since she was 16 and is proud to be part of a warm and vibrant community at JPC. She loves making people laugh, having a joke and making people happy.

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