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Our Partnerships

Find out more about our partners and learn how we work together to support and contribute to empower the Deaf Community. 

Recent Partnerships

Elder Abuse

JPC has worked in partnership with the Council on the Ageing Victoria (COTA) and specifically their Seniors Rights Victoria (SRV) team. SRV provides information, support, advice and education to help prevent elder abuse and safeguard the rights, dignity and independence of older people.

this important partnership was formed to address the obvious lack of accessible information about Elder Abuse for the most vulnerable withing the Deaf community - older people.

As part of our commitment to work together to protect the interests of older Deaf community members, COTA Victoria staff undertook Deaf Awareness Training and JPC staff attended Elder Abuse training session to learn about he forms of Elder Abuse, what the risk factors are and where to get support.

In 2024 we are following on with more sessions with the community through the support of SRV to increase awareness and education with the community about their rights and protections around Elder Abuse.

Living Longer Living Stronger

In 2023 and continuing in 2024 with support of the Felton Bequest, JPC has been able to run an exercise program for the Deaf community. Focusing on strength and balance training for older people, the community attend regular sessions to increase their health and wellbeing through exercise.

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