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About Us

Learn about the only Deaf Catholic Centre in Victoria – the John Pierce Centre – where Deaf and Hard of Hearing people and their families are supported and connected.

John Pierce Centre for Deaf is a non-profit organisation located in Prahran VIC. Our mission is to connect and empower members of the deaf community in the area.


We provide a range of services and support to ensure that the deaf community can fully participate in society and reach their full potential.


This is a great space to provide more information about our organisation and our specific services. We are committed to making a difference in the lives of the deaf community, and we welcome your support in achieving our mission.

JPC wishes to thank the community and staff of JPC for their contributions to this Video and special thanks to Ramas McRae of Visual Consultancy company – Hands To Communicate – for filming and editing.

Mission Statement

Inspired by Jesus Christ and the traditions of the Catholic Church, the John Pierce Centre seeks to empower all Deaf people and their families within Victoria to live their lives to the full.

Our Vision

To promote community through education, spiritual, and family Support



Deaf, deaf and hard of hearing people, their families, our volunteers, staff, and other stakeholders feel respected, supported, and valued.



being honest, ethical, and consistent with our core values in both our words and actions



showing kindness and empathy in our relationships with the Deaf community, our partners and other stakeholders.



contributing our time and skills in working with other individuals and organisations to support the overall wellbeing of the Deaf community in Victoria.



Being responsible for our actions, behaviours, performance, and decisions at an individual and organisational level

JPC Story

The origins of the John Pierce Centre (JPC) date back to 1935 when Father John Pierce as appointed as the first Chaplain to the Catholic Deaf Community in Victoria by Archbishop Mannix In those times, all the major denominations conducted missions of various sorts to the needy people of Melbourne; included in these were the Deaf and Blind.


Today the JPC operates as an independent not for profit company limited by guarantee and maintains its links with the Catholic Church as a member of Catholic Social Services Victoria. The Catholic Church supports JPC by providing the premises of our Deaf Community Centre and by funding for the cost of the Lay Chaplain, and religious and pastoral care services.


JPC receives no government funding however receives generous donations, bequests and grants from philanthropic organisations to fund its work each year. The services of the JPC are available to all Deaf people and include family support programs, counselling and adult education opportunities.

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