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Signee Tots

Signee Tots

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Signee Tots

Signee Tots have kickstarted 2024 and we hope to see you here soon!

Signee Tots is a playgroup registered with Playgroup Victoria, primarily for Deaf parents and their children or families with Deaf children or just anyone interested in using Auslan in their home with their families. the group meets once a month on the first Sunday from 10am-12pm. Signee-Tots encourages a better understanding of Deaf culture, recognition of Deaf role models, and development of sign language.

We will also share news about upcoming events on our FACEBOOK PAGE here.

Upcoming dates in 2024:

4 February

3 March

7 April

5 May

2 June

7 July

4 August - Special 25 Years of Signee Tots celebration!

1 September

6 October

3 November

1 December - Christmas Break up



A group called “KODA AUSTRALIA” offers camps for children of Deaf adults (aged 10-16yrs).See more information on their Facebook page.

For more information, please contact JPC 


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