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Welcome to the JPC Dictionary of Religious Signs.
Here you will find signs commonly used in religious services.
Although JPC is a Catholic organisation, our dictionary includes signs from other Christian churches and communities.

With each video of a sign you will see an explanation box. Here, we unpack the meaning of the idea which the sign communicates. There is also a distribution box, explaining which parts of Australia and which churches/communities use that particular sign.

The dictionary is not a place for religious arguments. We will include any sign that is genuinely used by Christian churches and communities in Australia. We also welcome any feedback (there is a box provided) and information about the distribution of any sign.

If you want to know more about the JPC team behind the scenes,  please click here.

JPC would like to thank the Deafness Foundation for their support behind the production of this resource.

Religious signs by letter

All Religious Signs starting with letter "m"

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