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Play Auslan Signed version for the Community Video

Girl pray for the spritualityWe believe that Deaf people have the right to celebrate their faith in their own language, to participate in liturgical celebrations, develop and celebrate their own spirituality and discover meaning in life.



On the third Sunday of each month, there is a Mass celebrated in Auslan at 11am.

Interpreters are also provided on the second Sunday of  the month at St Francis Melbourne.

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The Pastoral Team at JPC can assist with marriage preparation and with weddings at other churches and locations.



The Pastoral Team at JPC can assist with preparation and celebration of funerals either at JPC or at other locations.


Faith Development and Education

Various activities including workshops and retreats are offered for members of the Deaf community. These are opportunities for prayer, reflection, understanding and expression of faith, and for deeper meaning in life.



Preparation is available for Deaf and CODA children and Deaf adults.

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