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Extended family in living room smiling JPC provide a range of programs to strengthen family relationships. Workshops on parenting issues are held throughout the year, along with family camps at least every two years.

Pastoral workers can visit parents and couples in their homes to offer support and assistance with daily matters. All families have their ups and downs and a pastoral visit can provide confidential and encouraging support in times of difficulty. JPC also provides regular fun activities for Deaf families with primary school aged children such as ; Footy Days, BBQ’s and bike rides, beach days and ice skating. Those with pre-school aged children might be interested to attend Signee-Tots our playgroup for Deaf parents with hearing or deaf babies and toddlers.

Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care enables relationships to develop, supports a sense of belonging and addresses issues of personal and community concern.



Deaf people experiencing depression, anxiety, addiction, gambling,  family conflict  or other issues can access counselling with the assistance of the John Pierce Centre.  Appointments are made at Catholic Care branches in Malvern, Mitcham or Hopper’s Crossing with a hearing counsellor and Auslan Interpreter. You can receive up to six sessions with a qualified counsellor for free if you ask your GP for a Mental Health Services Plan.  JPC’s pastoral worker can help to make your appointments and make sure you have an interpreter you feel comfortable with. For problems such as gambling and addiction you may be assisted to access a more specialised counselling service. All bookings are highly confidential.

What is Counselling ?

When you meet with someone for counselling you are taking a positive step towards improving your relationships with family or friends and also how you feel about yourself.  At different times in life we can feel anger, disappointment, sadness or confusion.  If you feel stuck and not sure how to improve things, counselling might help you.

  • Counselling is for families, children, young people and adults in all stages of life.
  • If you are experiencing challenges and difficulties in life, the counsellor will try to help you explore different options that might improve your situation.
  • The counsellor will  support you through any pain or confusion you feel. A counsellor will not judge you or tell you what to do.
  • You will still make your own decisions and choices.
  • Counselling is confidential.
  • Counselling may be for a short time or long term.
  • Even if your partner doesn’t want to come with you, counselling can still be helpful
  • Counselling can help you understand how children experience family difficulty
  • Counselling can improve your relationship and communication with your partner and children
  • Your culture, religious beliefs or personal values will be respected. Counselling is for everyone.
  • JPC can arrange an Auslan interpreter for your counselling session free of charge.
  • JPC can help you to make an appointment with the counsellor   and assist with the payment of any fee.
  • Sessions usually last for one hour and are held in Malvern, Mitcham, Dandenong, Footscray and Geelong at Catholic Care – Family Services branches.

(Centacare Catholic Family Services brochure – 2006)


Pre Marriage Program

We provide individual couples with support in preparation for their wedding. This includes the use of FOCCUS program (in Auslan on DVD) which encourages couples to discuss topics important in their relationship.



We provide a pastoral outreach to Deaf people in urban and regional Victoria. This outreach includes home and hospital visits, family support and advocacy.



JPC provides opportunities for Deaf people to gain access to information that is readily available in the general community.

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