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Play Auslan Signed version for the Community Video

Pastoral Care involves engaging and listening with the heart to another’s experience, journey and search for meaning. It is intentionally holistic. The goal of this care is the sustaining, nurturing, healing and empowering of people in all aspects of their lives, whatever their circumstances.

The John Pierce Centre provides Pastoral Care to Deaf people and their families throughout Victoria. We visit people in their homes to allow them the opportunity to share their stories and experiences. A Pastoral visit helps the more vulnerable and isolated in our community feel valued, appreciated and connected to others. Deaf people in nursing homes and hospitals or those isolated at home due to unemployment, young families or mental health issues may welcome a regular Pastoral visit.

Pastoral care also assists couples preparing for marriage, parenting and school issues and support during times of grief and loss.

Our Pastoral Care team can assist Deaf people to access other welfare or health services if the Deaf person feels they would benefit from additional support. JPC’s Pastoral Team members are either Deaf themselves or hearing and fluent in Auslan.

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