Posted on: March 21st, 2022 by Teresa Paulet


John Pierce Centre – Community Survey 2021

Communication of results to Deaf community: March 2022


A huge thank you to those that took the time to share their thoughts with us through the JPC 2021 Deaf Community Survey that took place in October and November last year.

Compared to our 2016 Community Survey, this time we received a small number of responses. There were 39 responses to our 2021 Survey. We realise that this represents only a very small number of our community members (less than 10%). We think that this could be because of COVID19 lockdowns and our inability to run activities at JPC during most of 2021.

Of those that did respond to our survey, the majority were female (85%) and aged over 55 years (66%) and lived in metropolitan Melbourne (77%).

Interestingly, approximately 40% of those that responded to the survey have been coming to JPC for over 20 years. It was encouraging to see that approximately 30% of people have been coming to JPC for less than 5 years. We hope that they continue to stay connected with JPC long into the future.

Most people responding to the survey (51%) come to JPC at least monthly (if not more frequently) and the main reasons people gave for coming to JPC was to attend a Group or take part in community events or activities.

We were very pleased to see that the average rating of people’s satisfaction with JPC was 8 out of 10.

Those that responded to the survey thought JPC was unique to other Deaf organisations in that it is more community focused, provides a safe and comfortable environment, provides pastoral care, is friendly and personal and faith based.

Through the survey we received many suggestions (too many to list here) on what we can do to improve JPC for the community. These ideas, together with ideas about how we can attract more members and ensure we are still around for many years into the future will be considered as part of the development of the JPC Strategic Plan for the next 2-3 years.

Thank you again for taking part in the 2021 JPC Survey and for being part of our important community.



Evelyne Albrecht

Strategic Planning Committee


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